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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Clausify?
    Clausify is an award winning legal technology platform that revolutionises the way businesses create and manage contracts. We are the only platform bespoke-built to facilitate standardised yet customisable contracts, launching with professional services contracting terms crafted by an industry body and law firms.
  • Is access to Clausify free or paid?
    Get in touch with us and we can check if you are eligible for a free trial. :)
  • Is Clausify available as a one-off fee or a subscription model?
    Clausify can be accessed online via a monthly subscription. There are no set-up fees. You simply register with us and you're all set to go!
  • It is for individuals or businesses?
    Currently we offer the GSA Terms which includes: 1) Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement 2) Digital & Consulting Services Statement of Work 3) Change Request These are B2B Terms. In the future we hope to introduce more types of contracts suitable for individuals.
  • What is GSA?
    GSA is the Global Sourcing Association, a social enterprise striving to make a difference and promote positive change across the technology and business services industry. Trusted by sourcing professionals for 35 years, the GSA is the consistent voice for the future of the industry and the professionals working within it; promoting sustainable and ethical sourcing to create a positive future for our businesses and our shared planet. Learn more at:
  • What are GSA Terms?
    GSA Terms are GSA’s standard terms for professional (and IT) services. This is believed to be a UK industry-first launch of a framework agreement for professional (and IT) services where an industry body, top tier law firms and a legal technology provider have closely collaborated to develop an industry standard document suite. The NDA and professional services agreement are the first contracts to be published in the GSA’s planned suite of industry standard terms. The GSA’s Contracting Work stream, comprised of industry professionals including some of the leading legal minds in the industry, have worked collaboratively over the last year to define this framework agreement by representing the views of both the buyer and the provider to come to a balanced contract. Draft Industry Standard Terms were launched at pioneering law firm Ashurst LLP’s offices in Q4 2022 and have been circulated across the sourcing eco-system as part of the industry consultation process and feedback incorporated to ensure the Standard Terms are representative and fit for purpose. The GSA Standard Terms have been developed to address a number of significant issues and deliver numerous benefits to both buyers and providers around the world. The benefits include: 1. reduced time in negotiation, 2. reduced fees in contracting, 3. accelerated time to commence projects, 4. a level playing field for smaller diverse suppliers, 5. security for all parties, large and small, to be confident that they are working to a fair contract, 6. a way for both parties to focus their resources on contract terms that are important to them, 7. gives control back to business users

Our Mission

  1. We aim to change the way You think of contracting.

  2. We aim to get You to the dotted line quicker and with less impact on Your bottom line.

  3. We aim to give diverse suppliers a level playing field

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