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We're partnering with The Global Sourcing Association (GSA)

The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) is the industry association and professional body for strategic sourcing. It is the home of the Global Sourcing Standard. Clausify shares GSA’s vision and values around the standardisation of contract terms and simplification of contracting. Through our innovative platform, we are able to facilitate standardisation, and the end-to-end management of contracts. We are pleased to announce that Clausify has been named as the GSA’s platform of choice for contracting. 

Most negotiations take months, but deals often end up in a similar place

If you think about it, this makes sense: what value would external advisors be able to add if there wasn't some sort of general "landing point" they expected to work towards?

Clausify - image illustrating the traditional contracting process
Traditional contract negotiation process

Standardisation is the way forward, however most Legal Tech does not facilitate standardisation

Standardisation enables contracting to begin a balanced and fair starting point, and get to the end point a lot faster. However, standardisation alone won’t solve the problem, because most Legal Tech is not built around standardised documentation. If your Legal Tech leverages MS Word like functionality, you’re inviting mark-up. 

Clausify is purpose-built to enable standardised contracts


Clausify is a contracting platform or Sourcing Tech developed specifically for standardised documents. We offer a series of standardised document templates, where standard language is locked and business language is editable. This focuses time and attention on the right items. 

Under The Bridge
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We’re partnering with the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) to enable standarsidation

Clausify is partnering with GSA to house GSA-approved

standarised documents on the Clausify Platform.

GSA Professional & IT Services Suite
Professional & IT Services Framework Agreement
Statement of Work (SOW) for Commercial services
Change Request

Why use Clausify?

All your documents in one place.

Clausify is the Single Source of Truth for all of your Contracts. Your documents are automatically categorised in one place, making them easy to find. 


In-built online signature.

Both you and your Counterparty can sign documents online. All you have to do is send the document to the authorised signatories. How easy is that?

Click for defined terms.

Click on Terms to view their definitions and on Clauses to access them in split screen.

Notifications to keep you on track.

Our “To Do” list notifies you when an action is required of you.

Internal & external comments.

Leave comments at clause level and hide them from Counterparties if needed.

Few inputs to contract.
  • Clausify is a flexible platform that takes your inputs and automatically adjusts clauses to reflect terms relevant to your specific deal.

  • This means with only a few inputs, your time to contract drafting is vastly reduced!

Track everything.
  • Track changes to quickly see exactly what’s changed against the previous draft.

  • Keep track of document status, enabling you to nudge the right people as required.

Automatic version control.
  • See Version History at both document and clause level to track what’s changed, who’s made the change and when.

  • Automated Version Control to avoid those annoying duplicate documents being worked on in parallel.

Interested in the GSA Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)?

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