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We are Clausify


Clausify is a marriage between: 20 years of legal contracting expertise, leading commercial deals in multiple continents; and 15 years of design thinking and user experience optimisation at some of the world’s leading agencies, along with a healthy sprinkling of tech expertise which helped turn our aspirations into reality.  
But before we tell you more, let’s back-up a bit…
Clausify - contracting made easy

The Genesis

It was whilst sat opposite a client in the beautiful city based offices of a major law firm, arguing the same points for the umpteenth time that we thought: “there has to be an easier, more efficient way of doing this.” 


This was our “Eureka” moment.

It's not about moving contracting to the cloud.
It's about changing the way we contract.

We think that contracting should be simple and that the only variables should be the stuff that You truly care about.


If You can buy a property using standardised documents, why can’t the same be said of IT software / services; consultancy or outsourcing services?


At Clausify we think it can be.

We, at Clausify, believe that You (the deal “owner”) should be in the driver’s seat – and the legals should simply reflect Your deal. However, all too often the legals can end up centre-stage. No-one wants this: back-seat drivers can be irritating and lawyers in real life are nothing like how they appear on “Suits”.

So we started to envisage a world where the focus is on You – what are You buying / selling; for how much; to what standard; and how and when is it to be delivered? As intellectually stimulating as it may be for lawyers to go back and forth discussing the intricacies of a force majeure clause, do You really want to pay for that? Does it really impact Your deal?

It's about supplier diversity

We may not think about it, but the current contracting process is biased to the point where we are subconsciously discriminating against diverse suppliers. 

Contracts are one-sided, requiring lengthy and drawn out negotiations, which means a need for legal involvement. 

Diverse suppliers are often small businesses who often do not have the same risk profile as larger suppliers, meaning they either have to drop out of negotiations early on or they need to bear hefty legal fees to see through contracting. 

We feel this is unfair. 

We feel having a balanced and fair starting point not only speeds up negotiations, but also allows diverse suppliers to participate alongside larger suppliers.

Standardisation - a balanced set of contracting terms, approved by an industry body - is the way forward to enabler supplier diversity.

An intuitive platform that solves these problems

  1. Leverages standardised template documents / frameworks to reduce the risk of a loss of focus;

  2. Automates the “legal bit” – putting You back in the driver’s seat;

  3. Removes the risk of duplicate versions, an infuriating but all-too-common occurrence;

  4. Displays a neat “per item” version history, which avoids You having to trawl through previous drafts to find where part [x] was changed;

  5.  Allows all of Your contracts to live together harmoniously in one place, easily accessible and hosted on the cloud; and

  6. Permits e-signatures – removing the need to chase down “Fiona” or “Vivek” or whoever else “that one person that can sign” may be.

Clausify is designed with You, front-and-centre of our mind, making the process intuitive, convenient and easy.

There are some other neat ideas we had also (like avoiding having to constantly refer to a “definitions” section to see what a random capitalised term means), but we don’t want to give it all up before we’ve even captured Your contact details.

Our Mission

  1. We aim to change the way You think of contracting.

  2. We aim to get You to the dotted line quicker and with less impact on Your bottom line.

  3. We aim to give diverse suppliers a level playing field.

Sign up today and take the power back!

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