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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Sign up with Clausify to use our industry standard terms, enabling you to avoid unnecessary legal discussions.

Introducing Clausify


A contracting platform that takes the complexity out of contracting and puts the power back into the hands of the business and deal teams.
Clausify enables you to create and manage commercial contracts, giving you flexibility in getting deals done quickly, transparently, efficiently and in a traceable manner.

Why use Clausify to execute NDAs?

All your NDAs in one place.

Clausify is the Single Source of Truth for all of your Contracts. Your documents are automatically categorised in one place, making them easy to find. 


In-built online signature.

Both you and your Counterparty can sign documents online. All you have to do is send the document to the authorised signatories. How easy is that?

Click for defined terms.

Click on Terms to view their definitions and on Clauses to access them in split screen.

Notifications to keep you on track.

Our “To Do” list notifies you when an action is required of you.

Internal & external comments.

Leave comments at clause level and hide them from Counterparties if needed.

Few inputs to contract.
  • Clausify is a flexible platform that takes your inputs and automatically adjusts clauses to reflect terms relevant to your specific deal.

  • This means with only a few inputs, your time to contract drafting is vastly reduced!

Track everything.
  • Track changes to quickly see exactly what’s changed against the previous draft.

  • Keep track of document status, enabling you to nudge the right people as required.

Automatic version control.
  • See Version History at both document and clause level to track what’s changed, who’s made the change and when.

  • Automated Version Control to avoid those annoying duplicate documents being worked on in parallel.

GSA Confidentiality Agreement now available on Clausify


Interested? Get in touch!

Three steps.

(1) Get in touch with your details via the form below. 

(2) Sign our Use Terms

(3) Enjoy the Platform

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