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Award winning platform purpose-built to customise industry standard contracts

The traditional contracting process is broken. Standardisation is the way forward, however current legal tech does not maintain the integrity of standard documents.

The process is

Legal fees for just one agreement can range from £2,000 to over £100,000.

Negotiations are

Average time to contract is anywhere from 1 week to over 6 months.

Business owners feel disempowered

Lawyers often advance non-standard language; shifting focus away from the deal.

Standardisation is key to supplier diversity
Diverse suppliers are losing out

Smaller and diverse suppliers often cannot compete in terms of legal fees and risk appetite

Clausify platform

Clausify is purpose-built to facilitate customisable standard contracts, delivered in an efficient and cost effective way.

Clausify is a legal technology platform that revolutionises the way businesses create and manage contracts. We are the only platform bespoke-built to facilitate standardised yet customisable contracts, launching with professional services contracting terms crafted by an industry body and law firms.

Clausify platform

We're unlike other legal tech. We're different...

GSA Terms exclusively available on Clausify
Endorsed by the Global Sourcing Association

Exclusive platform to the Global Sourcing Association's Professional Services Terms

Clausify - we believe in supplier diversity
Mission to enable supplier diversity

GSA Terms have been developed in conjunction with some of the top law firms in the world providing a balanced view for Customers and Suppliers alike 

Clausify - crafted for deal makers and business people
Intuitive user experience for the entire business

Designed by Customer Experience specialists, co-designed with lawyers, deal shapers and commercial teams

Under The Bridge


Exclusive provider of GSA professional services standard Terms.

GSA logo
Clausify logo
Types of Contracts

GSA Terms available on Clausify


Professional & IT Services Framework Agreement
Statement of Work (SOW)

I believe that industry standard terms are essential to help the industry thrive and I am delighted to have been a critical part of a movement towards standardisation in the contracting space. This has been a fascinating process and a real eye-opener as to how all parties to a contract can avoid bias to one side of the partnership, which is not beneficial to anyone

Chris Bates


Ashurst LLP


All the features you want, and more, on the go...

Reduce reliance on 
lawyers and shift the focus to your deal.

We provide standardised contracting templates with industry-standard terms, enabling you to keep the focus on the commercials and minimise unnecessary legal discussions. 

Clausify - image illustrating the traditional contracting process

Traditional contract negotiation process

Clausify - image illustrating how the Platfiorm uses automation to simplify the contracting process

Automatically fine-tune contracts based on your inputs.

Clausify is a flexible platform that takes your inputs and automatically adjusts clauses to reflect terms relevant to your specific deal.

Trackable. Traceable. Awesome.

We track everything, so you don’t have to.

  • Track changes to quickly see exactly what’s changed against the previous draft.

  • See Version History at both document and clause level to track what’s changed, who’s made the change and when.


  • Automated Version Control to avoid those annoying duplicate documents being worked on in parallel.

  • Leave comments at clause level and hide them from Counterparties if needed.

  • Keep track of document status, enabling you to nudge the right people as required.

Clausify - image illustrating Track Changes
Clausify - image illustrating easy view of Definitions

Definitions are just a click away!   

We've made it really easy to contract with Clausify. Everything you need is within the platform, enabling you to work efficiently. 

  • Click on Terms to view their definition

  • Click on Clauses to access them in split screen

Be in control of
your deal.

Business-friendly prompts let you know where you need to input, and if a Clause has been approved.

Our “To Do” list notifies you when an action is required of you.

Status notifies you who the document is currently with, so you can chase the right people. 

Clausify - image illustrating business friendly prompts
Clausify - image illustrating single source of truth for document management

Never worry about filing or finding documents again.

Clausify is the Single Source of Truth for all of your Contracts.


Your documents are automatically categorised in one place, making them easy to find. 

Sign online.

Both you and your Counterparty can sign documents electronically


All you have to do is send the document to the authorised signatories. How easy is that?

Clausify - image illustrating electronic signature

Built by lawyers, for deal-makers


Get started today...

Reduce legal and procurement spend
Close deals faster,
Empower deal
Support diverse businesses

Join the standardisation revolution today!

Interested in the GSA Professional & IT Services Terms? Contact us today for a demo, pricing and offers...

Interested in the GSA Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)?

Connect with us on LinkedIn and join the standardisation revolution!

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